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Yug Bhatia (founder ControlZ)

accepting an award for the Best use of technology for Responsible Business.


    This Gurugram-based startup founded by 21-year-old Yug Bhatia has developed a comprehensive component-level renewal process that seeks to make pre-owned smartphones look and function as well as new ones.

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  • World’s first Renewed Smartphone with 18 Months Warranty

    controlZ created a significant need for environmental consciousness by increasing the lifecycle of a smartphone, today marked the launch of the much-awaited renewed phone.

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  • This startup wants to change the Renewed Smartphone Market

    Renewal is an industrialized process, where each step is performed as if you were making a new product. The business model is based on: the procurement of devices and components, renewing the device, and eventually selling.

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  • ControlZ partners Bajaj Finserv to offer Financing Options

    In partnership with Bajaj Finsew, ControlZ will offer a no-cost EMI option to customers. This flexible payment plan allows customers to spread their payments over 3 to 12 months, ensuring affordability without any additional costs.

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  • This Young Man is Changing the Tech Landscapes with Sustainable Smartphones

    In a world dominated by fast-paced consumerism and rapid advancements, the choice between refurbishing phones and manufacturing new ones holds the key to economic prosperity, environmental responsibility.

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  • ControlZ Renewed 50,000 Smartphones : Leads the Path

    ControlZ, a fast-growing sustainable D2C start-up that renews smartphones, announced today that it has successfully renewed 50k mobile phones while constantly contributing towards environmental safety in India.

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  • Grab Renewed Apple iPhones Starting At Rs 4,999

    This partnership is designed to offer customers a variety of cashback and convenient no-cost EMI payment alternatives. Additionally, customers can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with an 18-month warranty.

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  • Revolutionizing Smartphone Renewal Through Advanced Automation and Human Expertise

    In a world where technology is rapidly evolving, ControlZ stands out with its unique approach to smartphone renewal through Advanced Automation and Human Expertise

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  • Conscious Consumption by ControlZ; Calls it #TheBigBillionSave

    The campaign clearly inculcates and promotes the idea of mindful shopping to save the environment, amidst the ever-rising trend of revenge shopping that people scout for, especially around the festive season sales.

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  • ControlZ Acquires Merchandise Marketplace Overcart

    controlZ has acquired Overcart. The acquisition is aligned with its growth strategy in the renewed smartphone market which looks to expand its business outreach through the extended supply chain and liquidation services, it added.

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  • iPhone 11 Renewed available at Rs 19,999 for Limited Time

    The iPhone is restored by highly experienced professionals. This makes the phone as good as new in terms of performance and cosmetics. For customer’s peace of mind, there is an 18-month warranty along with other essential accessories.

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  • ControlZ to open facility with $2 million investment

    The facility is spread over 20,000 sq. ft. and houses a fully integrated hi-tech facility that would be completely powered with solar energy and will enable it to increase the production capacity by 6,00,000 units per annum.

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  • Renewed iPhone at as low as INR 22,399

    ControlZ, a leading renewed smartphone brand is delighted to announce the launch of its special series of renewed iPhones. This remarkable collection provides customers with an extraordinary opportunity to own premium devices.

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  • ControlZ to foray into offline retail, Eyes Rs 100-crore

    We are expecting Rs. 100-crore in next fiscal year," Yug Bhatia, founder and CEO, controlZ said, adding that the company doesn't have any direct rival, and is coming up with attracting financing options and offline retail strategy.

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  • ControlZ Teams up with BharatX to introduce EMI options

    This dynamic collaboration aims to revolutionize the way customers acquire their preferred premium devices, offering unparalleled flexibility and affordability eliminating the traditional credit score requirement.

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  • Expert tips on how devices can be made more sustainable.

    It is essential for us to understand how we can make gadgets more sustainable and lower our carbon footprint:-

    1. Opt for renewed devices.
    2. Preferring manufacturers that are committed to sustainability.
    3. Disposal and recycling.

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  • Debunking Common Myths About Refurbished Phones

    Renewed phones have become increasingly popular as a budget-friendly option for buying new ones. According to data revealed by Counterpoint Research, India dominated the renewed phone space globally with a 19 percent YoY growth.

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  • Know more about controlZ with Vikramm Sharma

    E-commerce website has designed the "Renewed Phone" for the modern day consumer, which is the equivalent of getting a new phone. controlZ works on meticulous component level renewal.

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  • Deep dive into the controlZ's operations with DQ channel

    There is no renewed smartphone industry, but we aspire to create one, because according to BS, India has a growing refurbished smartphone industry which is estimated to be valued at 10 Billion dollars by 2026. We do not just refurbish a device; we renew them making their performance and feel as good as new.

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  • Opportunities & challenges in the refurb phone market

    With e-commerce becoming mainstream, the demand for affordable and reliable smartphone options has ballooned. Pre-owned smartphones in this regard offer an affordable and viable alternative to buying new devices.

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